Saturday, August 16, 2014

St. Louis Peruvian Food

This week was Restaurant Week for Downtown St. Louis so me and my sister went to try Mango. For Restaurant Week, multiple restaurants offer specials of a three course meal for $25. I've never eaten Peruvian food before so I was excited to try some dishes. I ordered Grilled Beef Hearts as my appetizer. 

The heart was grilled perfectly, they were very flavorful but the sides I believe were yuca fries and hominy which didn't have any seasoning. Eaten alone, the yuca and hominy tasted really bland but eaten together with the grilled heart, it all makes sense. 

My main course was a chicken curry type dish, It was my favorite of the meal. I'm not sure what the sauce was made up of but I could taste walnuts, olives, potatoes, and chicken. I had to restrain myself to not eat all of it. It would be good with rice, bread, basically anything. 

Dessert was a vanilla sponge cake with dulce de leche. I've never had dulce de leche before but this dish has made me convert. The light sponge cake combined with the creamy filled was perfect. 

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