Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Sushi Start to the Weekend

For Labor Day weekend, I went to California to visit my boyfriend. I flew into San Francisco and he surprised me at the airport with flowers #hesakeeper

Whenever I visit California, I always have to go get sushi because the fish is so fresh!

We ordered to omakase aka chef's choice, yum! It was a super tiny sushi restaurant that mostly only served nigiri. The prawns and tuna were my favorites. 

We also got a side dish with wasabi, pickled ginger, daikon, and pickled daikon which was new for me. I've only gone to places that give you wasabi and pickled ginger but the extras were a nice surprise.

In hindsight, we definitely would have been fine just with the omakase plate but why not indulge a little? So we ordered an extra yellowtail roll and mackerel nigiri. Mackerel is definitely my favorite fish for sushi. It just has such a distinctive taste, it's the best.  

After eating way too much, we took a walk around Richmond. The houses remind me of Full House and they're so fun with all the pastels.

A delicious start to the weekend!

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