Thursday, September 4, 2014

San Francisco Sights

My first full day in California, me and the boy went to try paddleboarding for the first time! It was surprisingly harder than I thought. My feet and calves were super sore afterwards and we had to take a nap afterwards

After nap time, we headed over to San Francisco. I took a hyperlapse of the drive back to San Francisco

Initially we wanted to go to the Academy of Sciences but it was so expensive and it was about to close so instead we just walked around the park. 

Next was Land's End!

I was starving so I was super excited for dinner. We drove to B spot to try some Burmese food for the first time. We ordered the lamb curry and tea leaf salad. The lamb was falling apart delicious and perfect for a chilly night. I don't think I've had anything like tea leaf salad before, salty, sour, sweet, crunchy - so good! 

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