Monday, October 13, 2014

Bolognese Pasta

Sorry for the absence but it's been a busy couple of months. Last month I traveled to Bologna, Italy and was working there for three weeks.  It's called the food capital of Italy and after eating my way through the city, I have to agree. I know know that I can solely live on Italian food and especially pasta. I'm not even joking- I had pasta at least one a day for the entire time I was there. I also had lots of pizza, basically a carb fest month for me.

Bologna's namesake food is lasagna bolognese and is also famous for their tortellini and ragu, a meat sauce. Since I travel around to different businesses and will have to eat at different cafeterias, this one is one of the top. For lunch, Italians typically eat a a number of dishes: primo (pasta), secondi (some kind of meat), and a side dish (typically vegetables). In comparison to my typical lunch of salad and sandwich, the lunches had the power to knock me out for the rest of the afternoon and crave a nap Thankfully, another wonderful Italian tradition, espresso, is the perfect way to get some energy.

One of my main joys here is learning all the different types of pasta there are. Penne, taligettle, tortalini, linguine, capota... who knew there were so many? I guess this post is more about my love of pasta but I'll do a recap soon of Bologna and where I went during the weekends.

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